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What services we offer

Every design is individual; if you have a desire to embark upon a project and have not chosen an architect, we can talk through your initial ideas, direct you through the process and include the correct designer for your needs.


Full design and planning services.

Possibly the single most important aspect of your design is ensuring it fits the local planning requirements in your area. We have a wealth of experience and the necessary professionals on hand to guide you along the most suitable route to gaining the appropriate permissions.


Perfecting your design involves teamwork, it is important to understand a clients style and approach and sympathetically guide them in a way that suits the property and its architecture.


With ever rising material and labour costs it is essential a fixed sum is agreed prior to commencement of works. It is our general practice to produce a full specification of works to accompany the detailed drawings which form the basis of a fixed contract. Though it is important to note that quality does indeed come at an appropriate price.


Translating an idea into a finely finished home, whether it is a completely fresh project or a sympathetic restoration, is great strength of Coastbuild Ltd. We have craftsmen skilled in traditional techniques, modern materials and most recent design, so whichever aspects of build expertise your project requires, we are able to provide it.

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